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:: Custom Design and Fabrication for Military Applications and Products ::

The experts at HDW have assisted various DOD divisions with the design, analysis, testing, and fabrication of military hardware and support equipment. Our main specialty is working with mechanical-based systems such as automated machinery, test equipment, special tools, and military hardware. We also specialize in electric, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
We work directly with DOD engineers and departments in determining the special requirements for a new product or system. HDW then can develop conceptual 3D computer models to determine space claim, scale, function, dynamic animation, weight and aesthetics.
HDW uses the latest software in 3D modeling as well Finite Element Analysis. With F.E.A., we can determine mechanical and thermal stresses in complex parts and assemblies. These capabilities can be useful to help certify structures for safety, durability and overall performance. Learn more about F.E.A here.


At HDW, we have developed a well-honed project system.

1. Develop the concept
2. Comprehensive review of concept
3. Create detailed designs
4. Create engineering drawings to military and ANSI standards
5. Fabricate test and prototype designs
6. Intensive product review
7. Fabricate final product
8. Intensive quality control review
9. Final package of fully-annotated drawings
10. Totally satisfied customer

Our in-house fabrication capabilities include CNC machining, abrasive waterjet cutting, certified welding and press brake bending.

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