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We have a lot of passions at HDW, but  creating interactive exhibits is where we get to combine FUN with HARD WORK.

We often describe this portion of our business as a combination of Mythbusters and Monster Garage where the things we create have to work well for ten years or more, not just a brief moment for a TV show.

Our goal is to integrate industrial grade mechanisms and controls (the “technical guts”) into exhibits to ensure function, durability and maintainability, while preserving ergonomics and overall aesthetics.  In other words,  we strive to create a piece that looks awesome, works great over a wide age range, yet is rock solid at the core.  This is particularly challenging when one considers the delicate nature of many science demonstrations that have to perform in a rough and tumble museum environment.

Our exhibits are designed and fabricated using the same state of the art mechanical and electrical engineering based processes we use to create military or industrial machinery.  Museums that have their own in-house fabrication facilities will often hire HDW to provide the “technical guts” of an exhibit so they can incorporate it into their own structures.  Rock solid interactive mechanisms and controls helps to ensure dependable and easy-to-maintain exhibits.

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