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:: HDW's Custom Design & Engineering Capabilities ::

At the heart of HDW is our passion for custom design! Whether it is a military, industrial, or unique commercial application, HDW can transform your idea into reality.

HDW specializes in custom design and solutions for simple or complex projects in a wide variety of end-user applications. We work with clients to understand their strategic needs and help conceptualize, design, fabricate and implement desired results.
At HDW, we have developed a well-honed design system.
            1. Develop the concept
            2. Comprehensive review of concept
            3. Review project materials and fabrication methods
            4. Create detailed 3D models
            5. Intensive client review
            6. Create engineering drawings to ANSI and other industry standards
            7. Final package of fully-annotated drawings
            8. Create designs for use in technical drawings and marketing
            9. Totally satisfied customer


Our engineering expertise spans both mechanical and electro-mechanical designs over a broad range of applications. We offer real-world solutions for the toughest technical challenges.

HDW provides technical excellence in comprehensive design, analysis and testing services as well as project management. Throughout our history, HDW has invested in the best people, equipment, and facilities to deliver continuous improvement in knowledge, processes and application of our engineering designs.



Our engineers are specialists with mechanisms, motion components and static structures. HDW is well acquainted with the design of hydraulic pneumatic and electrically controlled machinery.

For components or systems where strength, safety, and durability are a concern, HDW utilizes modern Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software to determine stress and deflection levels. FEA allows simple or complex structures to be quickly and accurately evaluated. Learn more about FEA

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